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What is JCARDS?

  • JCARDS is a loyalty program.
  • It provide tools that increases membership to a business.
  • For membership acquiring to be successful, the business has to promote its business. This is the common failure of a loyalty program. It failed before it starts. Therefore, JCARDS introduces JCARDS NETWORK (link to JCARDS NETWORK FAQ). Read more about JCARD NETWORK.
  • JCARDS enable businesses to issue physical membership cards and virtual membership cards.
  • Methods of onboarding the members include website self registration, physical card issuance counter, member-register-member and others.
  • Using JCARDS system, a host of campaign generators give idea to the business owner on how they can strategize their loyalty program holistically, with all tools ready to support the implementations.
  • At the end of each day, the business owner check the reports on the performance of each campaign in the automated reporting.
  • JCARDS is a freemium. Free to start, pay-per-use. Pay for only what you need. Keep cost low at all times but pay more as your confidence and appetite grows.

  • JCARDS membership is FREE. Sign up online now.

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