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Creating my network. It is easy.

  • JCARDS have a network. As a member of the network, you introduce more members to be placed under your account. It is a viral program.
  • To make it viral, we give referral rewards. This is not a multi-level marketing. It does not have any passive income nor monthly subscriptions. But it does have a distribution chain reward program. As sales are done, the referral gets rewarded. And the person who referred the referral is rewarded. Our program aims to help each member achieve 1million reward points within 6 months.
  • Each member is given an easy-to-remember referral link. When the user join, the username specified in the link will automaDcally be inserted into the Referred By input field.
  • The Tell Friend funcDon in the member site is always there to assist you to share your link or send latest news or promotions or offers when you need idea on how to build your network

  • JCARDS membership is FREE. Sign up online now.

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